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About Nawab Hamidullah

His full name was Nawab Sikandar Saulat Iftikhar-UI-Mulk Bahadur Hamidullah Khan.

He was the 3rd and last (only surviving) son of Begum Sultan Jahan, ascending the throne on 9th June 1926.

He was married to Maimuna Sultan on 05th December 1905.

He, too, had a Hindu Prime Minister in Raja Awadh Narayan Bisariya

He was the first male ruler of Bhopal in five generations.

Prior to becoming the Nawab, he was appointed Chief Secretary to his mother's government.

He was an able administrator and politician.

Though heading a rather small State of Bhopal, he was politically very adroit. Thus, he was Chancellor of the prestigious Chamber of Princes on two occasions.

At the 2nd round table conference, he advocated the independence of India in his capacity as Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes. This action of his was praised by Gandhiji.

He developed a very good administrative system.


The Municipal Corporation ordinance was promulgated in his tenure.

Even the queen of England was full of praise for this system

He had a lot of concern for his subjects.

In 1942 there was a severe effect of bad weather on the standing crops, and the production of wheat was severly affected.


On hearing this, he sent his Prime Minister to personally check and assess the damage.

On receiving confirmation of widespread distress, he ordered for wheat supplies to be arranged from Punjab, Bhagalpur, etc.

Trucks laden with wheat used to come to the villages for disbursement

There was no ceiling of quantum of wheat for disbursement

The people were highly enamoured of him.

On one occasion, the residents of Sehore expressed their desire to play Holi with him.

The Nawab obliged them by coming to play Holi at Sehore on the day after Holi

The residents revelled and enjoyed it

This tradition can still be observed at Sehore, where Holi is played a day after the actual festival even today

H.E. Nawab Sikandar Saulat Iftikhar-UI-Mulk Bahadur Hamidullah Khan
(9th September 1894 - 2nd Feb 1960)

HMuhammad Hamid-ullah Khan, Nawab of Bhopal Childhood Picture


Delhi Durbar Gold Medal - 1903

Delhi Durbar Gold Medal - 1911

Prince of Wales Visit Medal - 1922

Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) - 1922

Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (GCIE) - 1929

Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India (GCSI) - 1932 (CSI - 1921)

Knight of the Order of St John (KStJ) King George V Silver Jubilee Medal - 1935

King George VI Coronation Medal - 1937

1939-1945 Star - 1945

Africa Star - 1945

Burma Star - 1945

Defence Medal - 1945

India Service Medal - 1945

Indian Independence Medal - 1947

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal - 1953


Titles: 1946-1960

Major-General His Highness Sikander Saulat, Iftikhar ul-Mulk, Hajji Nawab Hafiz Sir Muhammad Hamidu'llah Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Dar ul-Iqbal-i-Bhopal, GCSI, GCIE, CVO, KStJ

For the festival of Dussehra, a big group used to assemble at the place which is the present Bus Stand of Bhopal. This included the cavalry and infantry of the Bhopal army, who used to lead the procession. Finally, the group used to proceed to the Ram Leela grounds for the fireworks display and celebrations.

Dussehra and Id-Ul-Fitr were the only festi vals officially celebrated in the State of Bhopal in his tenure.

He donated land for the construction of the prestigious Cricket Club of India (CCI) at Mumbai.

In addition, he also donated land for the Jamia Millia Islamia at New Delhi

The New Vihar at Sanchi was built by him

The inauguration ceremony of the Vihar saw the arrival of many distinguished guests, both Indian and foreign :-


Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan,and Pt. J. L. Nehru.

Prime Minister of Japan

Shri Unu, Prime Minister of Burma.

The Nawab had severe problem in walking, thus, he went by helicopter to the site.

He started the Hamidia Inter College at Bhopal


It was started in Minto Hall

To begin with, it was affiliated to the Ajmer Board

He introduced cycle polo in Bhopal.

He was a very good shooter and pilot.

In the typical royal style, he was a keen golfer

On the death of his Prime Minister, the palace he gifted to him was taken over by the government of M.P. This palace housed the office of the R.T.O. at Bhopal when Madhya Pradesh was formed.